Our History

Our history is the story of a family, of a passion passed from generation to generation. From the obstinacy of the pater familias grandfather Salvatore Raguso, who at the beginning of the year 800 saw the potential in the farms located on the hills of Basilicata in the Ripa D’Api district on the farmlands of Genzano di Lucania, the story of our company began. Expanded over the years, from successive generations, with the purchase of other neighbouring farms in the Mattina Grande district: rich humus soil, organic and nutritional substances necessary for the cultivation of lentils, chick peas, peas, olives, durum wheat and others cereals.
Immersed in an unspoilt landscape where the suns golden rays spread out and slowly ripen the products of a rich and black earth, these soils are irrigated and fertile also because they are crossed by the River Bradano. Our company also reaches the lands of Puglia, with farms acquired on Spinazzola farmlands in the Paredano district and from the farmlands of Gravina in Puglia in the Pavone district, both areas favourable from a climatic and morphological point of view.
Hectares of land to be sowed, exposed to ideal weather conditions for the production of legumes and cereals, typical of our territory.
Our fields are cultivated with care and tradition, using innovative techniques with a eye to the past, the secrets handed down from father to son, to make unique the flavours this land can still offer with generosity and quality.


Durum wheat: